People who are constantly engaged in mental work often experience strong overstrain and disability intellectual. In order to have good memory and attention, it is necessary to give the brain feed. This is especially important for students, professionals, elderly people and all those who work with a large amount of information. To improve memory, you must observe a number of simple conditions: to constantly train it, fully eat, lead a healthy lifestyle, have enough of sleep and also some brain enhancement pills may help.

Some medicament types with purpose to improve general brain activity

Modern pharmaceutical products of this direction are divided into three main groups: psychostimulants of cerebral activity, nootropics and biologically active additives.

1. Psychostimulants. They are considered the most effective. Provide a rush of energy, efficiency, clarity of mind, vivacity.

2. Nootropic drugs. The second group of medicines in this area, which increases mental activity, effectively restore memory and brain resistance to aggressive external influences. This smart pill is also called stimulator of the human brain, but they do not have pronounced negative side effects, in comparing with psychostimulants.

3. Biological supplements. This is the third group of drugs to improve brain activity. These means can easily be bought in pharmacies without a prescription. They have a certain neurostimulating effect on many people. However, the intake of biologically active additives should be extremely cautious. They do not pass medical checks and can seriously damage health.

The main factors that harmfully influence human brain functioning

There are factors that prevent the development of mental abilities from which one should get rid.

1. TV. This is a serious foe of all good: several normal channels and a small amount of useful information are lost in tons of garbage. It is necessary to exclude him from your life - a film or some show can be seen on the Internet.

2. Lack of sleep. The human brain needs 8 hours of sleep. And healthy sleep is when a person goes to bed early and gets up early as well.

3. Bad food. The consumption of animal fats and sugar, flour, desserts, bakery, chips, drinks are absolutely useless for your brain.

4. Physical passivity. Exercises increase brain productivity.

5. Laziness. Those who want to develop intellectually must forget about their laziness forever.

Five really effective ways of how to develop your intellectual skills

Increasing your intellectual abilities is much easier than you think. For brain enhancement, it is reasonable to do following things.

1. Books. Read as many interesting books as possible.

2. Study of foreign languages. Learning of foreign words perfectly trains the brain and improves its abilities.

3. Solving puzzles, playing chess, other developing games. They perfectly train logical thinking, make the brain work, improve memory and concentration of attention.

4. Exact science. Mathematics, physics and other exact sciences can enhance intelligence.

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